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10 rules of weight loss - running

The Internet is full of posts that will more or less help you shed so many hated extra pounds. Recently, it has been mentioned in the course as a guaranteed procedure to reduce weight by running. The theory of easy aerobic exercise lasting a long time, which will relieve you of the desired pounds, proves to be effective.

Overweight is not an irreversible state

However, it is not so easy and not free at all. Therefore, we will list the TOP 10 important points that are good to keep in mind. We not only want to drop centimeters at the waist, but also not get hurt.

1. Easy to run / walk

Let's throw NO PAIN, NO GAIN rule behind your head. If we have to tighten the belt by a few holes, we have to be smart. Fat as an energy source for running is only usable if we have enough oxygen to oxidize it. We have to be in the so-called aerobic phase of exercise. Simply put, our body has enough oxygen not only to cover the needs created by movement, but also something extra. From the point of view of metabolism, we will be on the verge of the so-called aerobic threshold. This is the intensity of the load at which about 2-2.5 mmol of lactic acid accumulates in the blood. Those who have a measured lactate curve know exactly what heart rate, resp. the frequency corresponds to this load. Those who do not know their threshold and only guess should run at such a pace that they are able to speak in full sentences. This can sometimes only mean brisk walking.

2. Long run / walk

Leave your idea that mileage counting is what gets you in your smaller pants. Experienced runners know that heart and metabolism do not count kilometers. The only thing that interests him is the intensity and the time he moves in it. For fat burning, a 30-minute run or brisk walk is the absolute minimum for beginners. Running and brisk walking for at least 60 minutes is standard and effective.

3. How often

There is no precise guide or training plan that can generalize the frequency of training for all runners. It will be very helpful if you leave the standard seven-day model of the training week. If you insist on a weekly schedule for order and precise time management, I usually recommend training as follows to reduce adipose tissue:

  • DAY 1: running / brisk walk 60min

  • DAY 2: free

  • DAY 3: running / brisk walking 60 min

  • DAY 4: running / brisk walking 30-40 min

  • DAY 5: additional activity (bike, skates, gym)

  • DAY 6: regenerative free walk / trot 30 min

  • DAY 7: running / brisk walking 90 min

  • DAY 8: free

  • DAY 9: regenerative free walk / trot 30 min

  • DAY 10: morning 40 min run / brisk walk, early evening 30 min free walk / trot

4. Don't overdo it with activity, regeneration is necessary

The following article becomes a very frequent subject of discussion: "I train roundworm twice a week, TRX once a week, I run three times a week and I still don't lose weight! What am I doing wrong?" Practically everything is wrong, summed up and underlined, that unfortunate person trains 6 times a week with one day off. The body metabolizes waste products generated by physical activity at the time of regeneration. Good sleep and low heart rate contribute to the body's adaptation to the previous load. If we do not give the body enough rest, then in the following training it will start with an unfinished regeneration process and low adaptive capacity. This exposes us to an increased risk of injury and overtraining.

5. Strong overweight and running

Your musculoskeletal system agrees with this point. Joints, bones, muscles and other soft tissues have to absorb enormous energy every step of the way. If you drop a pound while running, it can be assumed that you do not have the running technique of Kenyan endurance athletes. The running technique is often marked due to the extensive adipose tissue. To give you an idea, take your body weight and multiply it by the number 2. The value you get is the number of kilos acting on your heel when it hits the heel. The joints, ligaments and muscles have to deal with it somehow.

Model calculation: A young lady, 25 years old, 150 cm tall with 90 kg in an hour-long run with poor technique, will put her foot on a load corresponding to 900,000 kg per foot.

6. Calories don't count

A very common argument for weight reduction is the caloric deficit. It's a situation where I eat less kcal a day than my body burns. This math is so simple and unassailable that everyone has to believe it. Unfortunately, not all calories are the same, and the body handles those derived from carbohydrates differently from those obtained from animal fats. Ultimately, the adaptation of each individual's organism plays a major role. Some people can use fats much better than others and others cannot. Therefore, we prefer to follow the next point number 7.

7. Quality diet without unnecessary calories

Fortunately, the time has passed when 0% fat on the packaging was the main selling item. Today, we already know that quality fats, on the other hand, are beneficial and should form a significant part of the energy source. Try to think and ignore for a moment the magical mantras of nutrition counselors who boast certificates and brandish slogans such as a balanced diet. In general, less is always more:

  • Leave for a while the empty energy represented by side dishes such as rice, french fries, pasta and potatoes

  • Replace side dishes with vegetables in all ways

  • Let your imagination run wild at breakfast and take away all the cereals and piles of fruit

  • Eat eggs or quality dairy products

8. Wherever the head wants, the body goes

People who only lose weight usually stop very early arguing that it doesn't work. The secret is to want it and not give up. Don't look at the faded areas in the mirror and don't judge. Try to keep a positive view of the matter. The ideal figure of muscular couples hopping on the beach is a myth and a marketing blockbuster. You lose weight for yourself and not for your surroundings. A slim person is not one who can eat anything and not gain weight. He is one who eats healthily and plays sports regularly. Set your head from "I'll try" mode to "I can do it" mode.

9. The group pulls better, but it must not be exaggerated

In the age of social networking, we have a unique opportunity to connect with a group of people who are solving the same problem. Motivation is the basis of success and it will definitely get you ahead of it without the support. Watch out for internet ultra athletes. In each group of runners on the social network, there are individuals who have a top figure, a degree from several schools of physical education and human nutrition and have 48 hours of time every day. These athletes usually train non-stop and eat only really beautiful food. Don't be fooled, the truth is often completely different. In everyday life, who among us has time to take dozens of top photos from a tripod at a running training? To create a masterpiece for breakfast with the help of fruits of all colors and to harmonize the table and place settings? To do all this wonderfully to paint, comb and, in addition, look wonderful even when you wake up ??

10. Promises are to be fulfilled

In the title, I promise ten important conditions for weight loss. The latter is very simple. Don't draw from just one source. This article is not a guaranteed procedure to achieve the goal. It's just another article in that flood called the internet. Choose interesting facts and useful information and look no further! I wish you good luck on your journey to another body.

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