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Individuální mushing už nestojí jen na výkonu psa.

We have been collecting, analyzing and constantly updating
blog content for many years . Our sources are scientific studies, professional literature of recognized world capacities and, last but not least, our personal knowledge and knowledge from the time of studies and the experience of friends. This acquired knoh-how logically resulted in the offer of services in the field of consultation and training of individual mushing,  We are able to make customized training plans as well as special plans for canicross teams.

In short about us:

We have been doing sports with dogs since 2003. From agility, through flyball and dog trekking, we got to individual mushing, where we anchored in 2012. We have been conducting canicross trainings since 2014 and organize workshops, camps, webinars and competitions.

Through constant education, we try to offer an unconventional view of sports with a dog.


Tereza Hladka

I have been working with dogs since I was a child. I am a co-founding member of the Hafík Canis Therapeutic Organization and the owner of the Jihočeská psí akademie. Last 12 years i have been professional dog trainer and individual mushing racer. In our team, I mainly focus on preparing the basic condition of dogs, compensation and training of stereotypes. I use my knowledge of dog training, especially when eliminating unwanted behavior, whether in sports or outside it.

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Jan Hladky

From 1998 to 2008, I was actively involved in athletics, especially in the 400 and 800 meters. Subsequently, I switched to trail trails 5 km.  In 2010, I started with canicross at a hobby level for active recreation  with dogs. since 2014, I have subordinated everything to canicross and individual mushing. But more than collecting medals, I was interested in how to train more efficiently. I spend a lot of time studying and training in sports training. 

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Individual coaching of runners, scooter riders, MTB bikers and canicrossers. Training recommendations, construction of training plans and interpretation of stress test results, up to special training plans for dogs and an online course focused on the application of positive motivation to individual mushing. We help our clients realize their personal goals.
An individual is not just a marketing term. Every plan and recommendation is tailor-made. When building plans, we do not use training patterns that we would send to all clients.

  • Interpretation of stress test results (human athlete)

  • Determination of training zones according to (tempo, heart rate or running watts)

  • Individual coaching of runners and canicrossars

  • Training recommendations for canicross teams, runners and dogs

  • Construction of individual training plans for runners and canicrossars according to set goals

  • Interpretation of the results of spectral analysis of heart rate variability mySASY

  • Daily coaching and consultation of training units based on the results of mySASY

  • Help with weight reduction and return to fitness

  • Consultations in the field of individual mushing "How to teach / unlearn" the dog ...

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