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MySASY - Czech application that changes the approach to training


Accelerated time often directly affects sports training. Amateur athletes in particular are under a lot of pressure to combine work, family, sports training, regeneration and compensation. Planning a normal day can sometimes mean counting minutes. This time exposes us to many pressures and stresses that our ancestors did not know, and therefore we should learn to work with excessive perceptions and stresses.

Application MySASY will help us not to waste time in training!

How does MySASY work?

This system monitors the resting heart rate with an accuracy of 0.001 s. It evaluates its variability (heart rate variability - HRV) using spectral analysis (SA). It evaluates the state of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which operates independently of our will and decides on all activation and regeneration processes in the body.

Superkompenzační křivka a vývoj profilu

Now simply, the mySASY application can tell you after the measurement if it is a good time for demanding training or you should slow down. It is not divination from the coffee grounds, but a detailed management of the state of your ANS, which your mind will not fool.

How will this help me in training?

MySASY every morning after the measurement informs us how our ANS is doing. This information is useless on its own, without knowledge of regeneration processes, but if you learn to interpret the measured values, you will get a powerful weapon. If you are not very good at interpreting the results, you can also use the basic instructions of the application, which will inform you about your current status and how to deal with it in the next training.

After the measurement, you know how your body reacted to the previous training, how it reacts to the entire training phase and how the surrounding factors affect your body's readiness for the next training sessions. It can show you when you train too hard, when you train too little and when you have the capacity to do intensive training.


What do I need for that?

How to start measuring?

  1. Instalation of application MySASY (IOS , Android )

  2. Activation of program Free, Basic or Sport

  3. Pairing the application with the HRM chest strap

  4. Measurement, according to the application instructions

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