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Běhání s kočárkem

Moms on the run
online schedule and consultation

  • Do you want to get back in shape after the baby?

  • Are you afraid that running will no longer be what it used to be before your offspring?

Moms have an incredibly kicked body. I was lucky that many mothers went through the training even after more children. The common denominator has always been a strong desire to get back in shape and get rid of unnecessary hernias. A woman's body undergoes huge changes during pregnancy. The cardiac circulation must supply two bodies for some time. The mother's lungs oxidize a very busy body throughout her pregnancy. In short, for 9 months, the mother's body is exposed to a high load, which must adapt. This is, paradoxically, a fact that will make a woman a sports terminator after giving birth.

Increased adaptation and well-prepared lungs and heart can boldly enter the next performance without losing a flower.

All the mothers I worked with achieved the best performance after the birth of the offspring.

So don't be afraid to start! I will be happy to help you on your return to running and your desired character.

What will you get?

  • Daily consultations, text or telephone.

  • One-month individual training plan consisting of week by week according to your time possibilities and physical abilities

  • Opportunity to draw on all my running and training know-how.

  • Possibility to choose a training system according to your goal.

  • A reasonable price of 600 CZK per month is only 140 CZK per week


What will you need?

  • Any sports tester (smart watch with running / walking function) is enough for a smart phone with a sports application.

  • The desire to change established order.

  • The desire to learn something new

  • Sportswear and footwear (I will be happy to help with shopping and consultation)




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