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Canicross team training
online schedule and consultation

  • Do you feel that you are holding your dog?

  • Can't you get your dog partner in shape?

  • Are you into determining the appropriate training for yourself and your dog?

Cacnicross is a very specific running discipline. In addition to physical condition, the interplay of dog and runner also plays a role here. Training a dog as a human is nonsense. Training canicross so that I regularly run with a dog in a sled is a health risk with a larger dog and in the long run it leads to stagnation of both team members.

I consult the physical training of the dog with experienced dog trainers, dog physiotherapists and I also add my own many years of experience. The training is very specific and sometimes does not make sense to the likes. However, they are all well-thought-out procedures that will ultimately make a stuffed tractor for your dog.

Canicrossar runner training is different than would be expected. Although the total distance is 4-7 km, the training procedures are remarkably similar to the training of milestones and it makes sense.

What will you get?

  • Daily consultations, text or telephone.

  • One-month individual training plan consisting of week by week according to your time possibilities and physical abilities

  • Weekly training recommendations for your dog partner

  • Consultation of procedures for canicross trainings

  • Opportunity to draw on all my canicross and training know-how.

  • Possibility to choose a training system according to your goal.

  • A reasonable price of 600 CZK per month is only 140 CZK per week


What will you need?

  • Any sports tester (smart watch with running / walking function) is enough for a smartphone with a sports application.

  • The desire to change established order.

  • The desire to learn something new

  • Sportswear and footwear (I will be happy to help with shopping and consultation)

  • Canicross equipment (with help and selection I will be happy to help)




4 320,-


- 10%

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