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Athletic Women

Basic running training
online schedule and consultation

  • Are you running and want to give your hobby a new look?

  • Do you want to move on and stop groping in some aspects of running?

  • Do you face a lack of motivation and self-discipline for further training?

It is said that running starts when you forget that you are running. It is true that many endurance runners sometimes lose track of time during their training. They move their thoughts into the inner world and learn to listen to it. You don't have to worry, it's not about supernatural fantasizing and playing the guru.

Running can be a very effective meditation, but to do so you need to give it lightness and dynamism. So in basic running training we will look at your basic running values.  We will work on cadence, vertical oscillation and other aspects that reveal more about you than just observation.

Subsequent training will get everything to the right values. You can look forward to the running alphabet, the theory of spiral dynamics, the development of forward energy and many other running skills.

What will you get?

  • Daily consultations, text or telephone.

  • One-month individual training plan consisting of week by week according to your time possibilities and physical abilities.

  • Opportunity to draw on all my running and training know-how.

  • Possibility to choose a training system according to your target distance (middle tracks, endurance runs, canicross, mountain runs)


What will you need?

  • Sports tester or smartphone with sports application (I'm happy to help with the selection)

  • Possibility to measure heart rate during training (optical sensor on the watch or chest strap)

  • Good mood and desire to train




4 320,-

6 months


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