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Running training with mySASY
online schedule and consultation

  • Have you been running for a while and want to be better?

  • Do you want your training to be really effective?

  • Are you interested in how your body responds to training and do you want to understand?

The mySASY application has given athletes and coaches a powerful tool. Today, we all have the possibilities of elite competitors who underwent several hours of examination in order to determine the current adaptive capacity of the organism at home on the bedside table. We will not stop the development and therefore it is good to try to prosecute it and not to fall asleep the development with a training notebook and a pencil.

With the help of mySASY, we are able to accurately read your body's reactions to ongoing training. The following training units will adapt to this and the word effective plan will get a real form. Capturing supercompensation and subsequent work with increased adaptive capacity or just adjusting training at a time when a cold is approaching or the body does not tolerate excessive stress. All this has a direct impact on the end result.


The organism of each of us is unique and it cannot be assumed that the adaptive capacity always increases in regular periods. We can measure it today, so why not find out how you're doing?

What will you get?

  • Daily consultations, text or telephone.

  • 20% discount on mySASY subscriptions.

  • One-month individual training plan consisting of week by week according to your time possibilities and measured values in mySASY

  • Opportunity to draw on all my running and training know-how.

  • Possibility to choose a training system according to your target distance (middle tracks, endurance runs, canicross, mountain runs)

  • Possibility of building multi-phase training.

  • A reasonable price of 750 CZK per month is only 180 CZK per week


What will you need?

  • The installed mySASY application is ideally in the SPORT version

  • HRM quality chest pair (with help selection)

  • Sportester or smartphone with sports application (with choice of help)

  • Good mood and desire to train  

  • STRAVA.COM profile (optional, for better mySASY data synchronization)


1200, -


6 480,-


- 10%

Pracovní dny

1 800,-


9 720,-


- 10%


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